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Club Chair Michele Adams Awarded MBE

Throughout Cardiff City Ladies you'll find a team of fantastic volunteers that help the club run from season to season. These volunteers do what they do what they do out of love for the club and the game, and our Club Chair, Michele Adams, has been recognised for her fantastic work in the Queen's Birthday Honours list, being awarded an MBE in recognition of her work in women's and girl's football in Wales.

"I feel very honoured, proud and humbled to have been put forward" said Michele when asked about how she felt to have been awarded an MBE. "It’s like we always say, as we get older all the accolades in sport are just symbols really, behind that is always a team of people behind them supporting them, and I’m no different to that. My friends, my family, my parents have all supported me throughout my playing career and into my later life. One thing that’s really humbled me is that since the news has broken, the number of people that have been in touch with me, not just from the sporting world, but people I grew up with, colleagues from the past, neighbours, players, people like that have been getting in touch with me and I’ve been really humbled by that."

Michele has given over 40 years of service to women's and girl's football in Wales; "I’ve always said to people I did it because I’ve always felt women in football and sport in general are treated as second best and I’m very keen for young women in sport to be given a fair chance". Looking ahead to the future of Cardiff City Ladies, Michele said "We are pushing hard for the super league, and are pushing to improve our youth setup. We want to increase our number of volunteers to push our club to be even more professional".

Club Chair Michele Adams

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